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we care for your money.

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We care for your money

We offer services to all individuals who are for many reasons unable to manage their own property and finances.
Our staff will always go the extra mile for their customers and aim to take away any financial stress that you may be experiencing. We can help you manage any debts that you may have, work out a budget plan with your creditors, help to sell your property, claim your benefits, pay your bills, pay your care bills, and ensure that you are getting the correct benefits that you are entitled too,
We will be happy to discuss individual needs and create a financial budget plan and we always put our customers’ needs first. We will ensure that the service you receive is bespoke to you. We aim to offer practical solutions and support to enable all customers to be as independent as possible
We provide guidance for each customer to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved and to help you achieve any goals that you may have.
Each customer has a dedicated team member who will work with you and your care manager/family if required to provide you with a friendly yet professional services.

Our Services

We can ensure that:

• We will provide a bespoke service suitable for all
• We will ensure that we always act within the customers best interest
• We will safeguard the customers monies, reducing financial risk
• We will work in partnership with the customer, family, social care           professionals and advocates
• We will answer any queriers or questions in a prompt timely manner
• We can offer a prepaid card for customers to receive personal monies
• We can offer a prepaid card for a carer

The things we’re great at

We offer services to individuals who are for many reasons unable to manage their own finances,
We are happy to discuss individual needs and create a financial budget plan and we will always put our customers’ needs first.


An Appointee is responsible for managing a person’s benefits, they can also pay utilities, care fees, rent etc.


Corporate Deputy

A Corporate Deputy is someone who applies to the Court of Protections to manage the property and financial affairs for someone who is unable to make financial decisions for themselves.


Lasting Power of attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is registered by the Office of the Public Guardian and they allow you to appoint someone to help you make or they can make decisions on your behalf if you at any time you lack mental capacity


We work directly with a numer of Local Authorities and CCG’s

Medway Council

Kent County Council

Witshire Council

Nottingham City Council

Buckinghamshire County Council

NHS Manchester CCG

Guildford Borough Council

Derby City Council

NHS Kent & Medway CCG

NHS Surrey CCG

NHS South East London CCG

Sefton Council

Sevenoaks District Council

NHS Kernow CCG

happy Customers

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Meet the Professionals



As the director of Appointee Services Ltd,  I am responsible for all services and to ensure that we are providing the very best service that we can. Our main aim is to provide services that can be accessed by everyone. I have worked within the finance and social care sector for over 20 years within the local authority and the private sector. We are constantly looking at new ways to improve our services to help meet our customers needs.


Senior Client Financial Affairs Officer

I am responsible for managing peoples personal money who are unable to do this for themselves.
My responsibilities include making sure that benefits are applied for, bills are being paid and debts are being managed.
Before joining Appointee Services, I worked for the police for 15 years, I started working on a part time basis and since seen it grow and grow.


Client Financial Affairs Officer

I joined Appointee Services Ltd in December 2018 working alongside Dee in the daily running of client finances. Previous to this I worked as an Admin & Cash office Manager.


In-House Auditor

I Joined Appointee Services in 2020 and I’m responsible for any auditing, invoicing and Property Maintenance. 


Client Financial Affairs Officer

I have recently joined Appointee Services and am looking forward to establishing myself within the company. Prior to joining Appointee I worked Lloyds, looking after members of Lloyds and managing their portfolios.


Administration Assistant

I joined Appointee Services in September 2021. I am responsible for all paperwork and answering calls to help customers with their enquiries.
I’m a massive fan of Chelsea FC, and love playing video games.
I previously worked in construction.

We here at Appointee Services, are proud to say we are Dementia Friends

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