What is an Appointeeship? 

An Appointee is responsible for managing a person’s benefits, they can also pay utilities, care fees, rent etc. 
Appointeeship is usually (but no always) the service chosen if the person has very limited savings and doesn’t have any other type of income and is in receipt of benefits.
Each customer will be offered (if appropriate) an initial meeting to discuss and plan their financial budget plan in accordance with their identified needs. We will provide guidance for each customer on an individual basis, and all financial budget plans are reviewed regularly.

What does an Appointee do?

The Responsibilities and duties of an Appointee:

-An appointee is responsible for making and maintaining benefit     claims, they must ensure all benefit forms are completed and   signed.
-Tell the benefit agencies of any change of circumstances
-Spend the benefits in the customer’s best interests (in an agreed   plan).
-Inform the benefit agencies if they are to stop being the   appointee.
-Claim any benefits that you are entitled to by completing a   benefit assessment.
-Arrange for your benefits to be paid into an account managed by   the appointee only.
-Create a financial budget plan to ensure all needs and goals are   met.
-Arrange and set up payments for any utilities, rent and debts etc   with a signed letter of authority
-Arrange for you or your carer to receive funds necessary for your   needs.
-Provide you with an update of available funds (if applicable).
-Provide you with guidance to planning for holidays and other   major purchases outside of your financial budget plan.
-Safeguard you and your money at all times.

What an Appointee cannot do:

-Access your personal bank.
-Obtain or correspond with utility companies, debt companies or   landlords etc on your behalf without your letter of authority.
-Deal or correspond with any private pension companies.
-Sell any items or correspond with matters outside of state   benefits.

The Appointee referral process:

-A referral form received by care manager, social worker,   customer or other.
-Appointee Services Ltd will allocate a team member for each   customer.
-Appointee Services Ltd will open bank account.
-BF56 from (provided by DWP) completed by Appointee Services   Ltd.
-Appointee Services Ltd will agree and set up with the customer or   care manager a budget plan.
-Appointee Services Ltd will receive notification of Appointeeship   by the DWP.
-Appointee Services Ltd will received monies into the Appointee   bank account.
-Appointee Services Ltd will act in accordance with the budget   plan once monies are received into the appointee bank account.

In order for the process to go as smoothly as possible we require the following items:

-DWP letters for all benefits
-Rent or mortgage details
-Utility company letters or bills
-Local authority bills or fees
-Insurance policies
-Copy of any ID’s
-Letter of authority– signed
-Personal bank account details