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Here is a card we received recently from one of our customers:

Customer Feedback

We have asked our customers to rate the service that they receive from us, here are their latest responses:

How easy is it to get through on the telephone?

Scored – 4.7 out of 5

Anita – “very easy to get through on the telephone”

Angie – “easy to reach, I have recommended Appointee Services to others, I can’t thank the staff enough for their help”

Has our service impacted your life for the better?

Scored – 100% said yes

Georgina – “[my] life was a bit of a mess, but this service has helped me, great service”

John – “I would of ended up homeless without this service”

Do the staff act professionally at all times?

Scored – 4.76 out of 5

Andrea – “Ease of mind, friendly staff, good communication. Ticks all the boxes of duties and responsibilities needed.”

Matthew – “I feel happier now, staff do their best all the time”

How would you rate your service overall?

Scored – 4.8 out of 5

Ben – “Really easy to talk to someone, service has changed my life for the better, staff are courteous, helpful, and good at their job”

James – “I am very happy that my bills and debts are all sorted out”

Professional Feedback

We ask the professionals whom we work with, to rate our service out of 5, here are their latest responses:

How easy is it to make a referral to us?

Scored – 4.73 out of 5

George – “Impacts massively, referral process very straight forward, polite and friendly staff”

How do you rate our telephone access?

Scored – 4.58 out of 5

Michelle – “Always able to get through and if the person required is unavailable they always callback”

How would you rate our service overall?

Scored – 4.83 out of 5

Colin – “the service improves the clients quality of life, relieves stress and i’ve have never had any issues making contact”

Isabella – “Impacts well, a valuable service, helps within the community, you really do a good job”

A Review from of our customers, James

I am emailing yourself to express my gratitude in your help and guidance and for taking control of my money as of August 2023,
Prior to you taking control, I was reckless spending my money and leaving myself skint for weeks on end, I had a gambling problem and I was also getting stuff on credit and pay monthly and was not paying my money on the correct things… I struggled to understand money and would see my bank card/credit cards as piece(s) of plastic and not fully understanding that’s its physically money I’m spending and thought what I thought I needed I wanted and I had no control of my spending and was digging myself into a deeper hole one I which I thought I could never get myself out of… 
Furthermore, I wasn’t paying my bills on time and this would lead to my credit rating being bad.
Before you did take full control, I was advised dates you would take control and you kept me updated with the process which was really swift and easy… 
Since you have taken control, you as a company have helped me come up solutions to ease my debt while still giving me a suitable amount to live on. Not only do I feel like mentally better in myself knowing my bills are being paid on time but I also know that my money is being looked after by professionals, also I have full knowledge that you have a debt advisor who can help me when needed.
Furthermore I am now looking at ways to save my own personal allowance I get given by yourself something this time last year I would never have done… 
I would recommend the company to anyone who is struggling to manage their money!
I would like to personally thank Nichola, Wendy, Ashley and Ana for providing me with the best support! I should have requested your support a long time ago.